‘Lenox Lewis, Nick Faldo, Jackie Stewart, Bobby Moore, Andy Murray – all of these athletes have failed at one time or another in their careers but are defined by their successes not their failures. Successes stick with you. Failures fall away.’

What we have achieved

@Johnwilkinson85 and boot camper Richard Stark smashed the Tour de Yorkshire this weekend, cycling 124km and climbing 2,215m in 5hours 5minutes and 5 hours 35minutes respectively. Fantastic work guys! Looking forward to seeing what they are going to do next.

What we need to stretch

Tight hips tend to affect us all these days. In a world where we spend most of the time sitting at a desk or sitting in a car it’s no wonder that are hip flexors are tight as we are constantly keeping them in a shortened, constricted position. Tight hips affect your pelvis position which in turn can give lower back pain, they can lead to inactive glutes which then affect how you walk, run or jump. Regardless of whether you are an athlete in training or the average Joe, for general life functionality incorporate hip stretches into you daily routine. Check out the following:
Lunge with a spinal twist 
Extended Lunge with a pulse 
Reclining angle bound pose
Frog pose
90/90 stretch

What we are looking back on

In 1950 roughly 2% of the population were considered to be obese (a BMI of over 25). Everyone ate fat, carbs and sugar. Now 68 years later we are told not to eat fat, not to eat carbs, and to stay away from sugar. Obesity levels in 2017 were 63.8%. Fat is not to blame, carbs are not blame and sugar is not to blame. What is to blame is surplus calories, poor will power, surplus calories, an overwhelming amount of misinformation and surplus calories. It’s not rocket science but it is hard to shift the mindset from what we are being programmed to think. If you need advice, contact us now for some grounded nutritional advice.

What we are following up on

Athlete Caster Semenya has lost the battle and has been ruled against competing due to her genetically high levels of testosterone. This decision is an absolute game changer for the world of competitive sports and the surrounding gender issue. Check out Sky News podcast for more details.

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