‘Great things never come from comfort zones’

Why we challenge ourselves:

There is a reason we look up at the stars or tell ourselves to reach for the moon. It is a desire to go further, to achieve more. In order to do something beyond the ordinary you need to challenge yourself, you need to push yourself to your limits. Only by over reaching and tearing down our own barriers do we stretch our capabilities and skills in ways we would never imagine possible. Progress only happens when you try something different. Beyond your comfort zone lies both success and failure but the trick is not to be frightened or timid of change but excited about the possibilities that may be ahead. So face that challenge, enter a race or join a bootcamp and see where it will lead you.

Strength and Endurance
Core & Stability
Cardio Blast

What we trained for:

A massive congratulations to all bootcampers who took part in the Manchester Half and Manchester 10km this weekend just gone. Absolutely fantastic running with some super times with a personal best achieved as well as a personal achievement of longest run achieved. We are so proud of you all.

@sarah_louise_wilkinson, @stevie_jaynehupton, @katielane84, @JaineBrocklehurst

What’s new in the area:

Launching on Wednesday 22nd May at 6:45pm (meet 6:30pm) is the Great Runners Salford Social Run. Starting at The Dockyard Media City this is a non timed, no pressure run where you will have the opportunity to meet like minded people and grab a beer! There are various routes to choose from starting at 3km. Running coaches from Salford METS, Mike Race, Jaine Brocklehurst and our own @samantha.blackwell.522 will be on hand for any running advice.

Why exercise is imperative for Employers:

The link between physical exercise and mental health & well being has been well documented and continues to be increasingly promoted. However, Businesses still struggle to implement and develop effective strategies. Inactivity in the Greater Manchester area alone is costing businesses around £90 million in sick pay per annum. Yoga, lunchtime running clubs, bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular with Employers as they see the benefits to their employees and ultimately their business. For more information on the benefits to employers or to look at any of our corporate packages click here.

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