‘Of course it is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.’ – Tom Hanks as Jimmy Duggan, A League of Their Own

Training for something new:

In the spirit of last weeks quote and going beyond comfort zones Project Health’s resident ultrarunner @samantha.blackwell.522 exchanged distance for speed and placed herself distinctly out of her comfort zone by entering a 2 mile relay race. The fast paced Terry Nortley Relay Race is a club event and she was entered as part of the Salford METS AC Senior Women’s Team. The Team achieved first place for women and 12th position overall out of 78 and @samantha.blackwell.522 achieved a PB of 13.48 for her 2 mile leg. Just goes to show what you can do when you push!

Strength and Endurance
Core & Stability
Cardio Blast

Going somewhere new:

Our very own John Wilkinson has currently been working away with Wigan Warriors experiencing what the top football teams in the world experience on game day.

Wigan played at the Nou-Camp stadium home to Barcelona football club, and the following week played at the home of Liverpool Football, Anfield Stadium! John was amazed at the facilities on offer to the sport scientists working behind the scenes on match days. From Astro turfed areas to dressing rooms to warm up to temperature controlled recovery tanks for the players to recover in, every detail is accounted for ensuring optimal performance and recovery is achieved on site.

New product we are loving:

www.oofos.co.uk – the tagline is’engineered to help you recover faster after a run, workout or hike’. These recovery footwear (mainly flip flops) feel like cushioned slippers and though not the most fashionable or stylish they really do deliver on their promise.

What is being highlighted this week:

Friday 31st May is World No Tobacco Day. Despite the health risks associated with tobacco consumption being widely promoted and known, the industry still remains incredibly strong and profitable. The Millennial Generation may be health conscious with the greatest number of tea-totals and gym goers but the new Silent Generation (Gen Z) are not demonstrating similar traits particularly with vaping. Vaping has replaced smoking in terms of the new ‘cool’. The affects of vaping are unknown. It is too new for any long term health study to have taken place. Though vape cigarettes do not contain the harmful contaminants as per traditional cigarettes they still deliver a highly addictive hit of nicotine. The liquid is also toxic with its own associated risks. Despite being marketed as the ‘healthy’ alternative to smoking it really is too soon to make such a statement.

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