Project health is a team of specialists with the aim to improve health and well
being within your work force through our range of specifically designed
products and services.

The health and wellbeing of today’s society is a massive issue and one which isn’t going to remedy itself. Lifestyle diseases such as obesity, cardiac disease, stroke; aswell as those associated with smoking and drinking are at higher levels than ever before. Not to mention the huge onus on mental health or the continuous confusion surrounding healthy eating. Many employers are recognising the benefits to having a healthy workforce and this is a trend we can only see growing. Project Health’s mission is to partner and work closely with passionate, forward- thinking companies. In doing so, building strategies and offer services to improve the lives of each and every employee of your collective team. We aim to create a raucous, break as many rules as possible, change any dogma associated with workplace wellbeing and pioneer a revolution in health and happiness! Get in touch if you would like to join us in our mission and to discuss a tailored package that suits your business

Some of our clients

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