5 Point Project – 28/05/19

Quote ‘Of course it is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.’ – Tom Hanks as Jimmy Duggan, A League of Their Own Training for something new: In the spirit of last weeks quote and going beyond comfort zones Project Health’s resident […]

5 Point Project – 21/05/19

Quote ‘Great things never come from comfort zones’ Why we challenge ourselves: There is a reason we look up at the stars or tell ourselves to reach for the moon. It is a desire to go further, to achieve more. In order to do something beyond the ordinary you need to challenge yourself, you need […]

5 Point Project – 14/05/19

Quote ‘It’s ok if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that you rise again you bring the wholedamn fire’ – unknown What we have been doing This weekend the Project Health Team visited the Body Power Show at the Birmingham NEC. A good opportunity to see what’s new, up and coming and […]

5 Point Project – 07/05/19

Quote ‘Lenox Lewis, Nick Faldo, Jackie Stewart, Bobby Moore, Andy Murray – all of these athletes have failed at one time or another in their careers but are defined by their successes not their failures. Successes stick with you. Failures fall away.’ What we have achieved @Johnwilkinson85 and boot camper Richard Stark smashed the Tour de Yorkshire […]

Twelve Charity Challenge

Janey is taking on Twelve challenges across 2019, we lifted an excerpt from her website that explains why: Let me tell you what it is all about:​12 Months – 12 Challenges – 12 ReasonsThroughout 2019 I’ll be raising money for charity by doing twelve physical challenges.And I want you to be a part of it….Have a look at […]

Workplace Well-Being & Fitness

Are businesses getting workplace wellbeing and fitness right? It’s an interesting question and one that got me thinking. Anyone who works whether it be for a large conglomerate, a local SME, Employer or Employee, cannot escape the buzz of ‘workplace wellness’. Companies are constantly being told to look after employees; check on their health, check […]

Denial, Guilt, Stubbornness – the road to Recovery

Endorphin Addiction I love exercise, like seriously LOVE exercise! I’m not obsessive just highly enthusiastic (though maybe this smacks of denial?) but I am beginning to embrace the possibility that I have a rather alarming endorphin addiction. That feeling you get when you’re pumped and sweaty and totally smashed a workout, a run, a cycle or a […]

Couch to Ultra Marathon: Part 2

Continuation of https://www.projecthealthuk.co.uk/couch-to-ultra-marathon-part-2/ 48hours ago I was covered in mud, wet through, staggering deliriously from side to side and smelling a wee bit like an old goat. My daughter had one hand and my son had the other as they dragged me across the finish line shouting ‘Sprint finish Mummy, sprint finish’! Good god I loved their attitude but […]

Couch to Ultra Marathon: Part 1

GUILTED INTO FITNESS: A TRUE STORY Picture the scene It was a typical British October night. Wet, windy, dark and utterly rubbish. Not that I was particularly bothered as I was quite happy snuggled up in pyjamas with a large glass of red wine, a superb cheese board and several episodes of ‘True Blood to watch. My […]