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48hours ago I was covered in mud, wet through, staggering deliriously from side to side and smelling a wee bit like an old goat. My daughter had one hand and my son had the other as they dragged me across the finish line shouting ‘Sprint finish Mummy, sprint finish’! Good god I loved their attitude but the best I could manage was a limping jog accompanied by a slightly maniacal laugh…………..

My hips were screaming at me, my left glute, like Elvis, had left the building a good few hours ago and my feet were displaying their utter hatred of me with a terrifying ferocity, it was AMAZING!! I couldn’t stop grinning! The post-race endorphins were crashing over me and life was just brilliant! I had been running for 25 hours 18 minutes and covered a distance of 150km/93 miles – that’s 3.5 marathons!! I had never run so far or for so long and I was unbelievably proud of myself. (Of course John’s response was another 7 miles and you’d have got an even 100 miles – there’s always one!).

There weren’t massive crowds at the finish line just a muddy field with other slightly deranged and bedraggled runners, my family and 3 great running pals without whom I would never have survived – literally!! They plied me with food and drink every 10km and some very dubious methods of motivation! I hadn’t run for charity, I hadn’t run to win. I had simply run to see if I could. This was all for my personal satisfaction, a personal challenge and it felt great, better than great!

Due to general life getting in the way my training hadn’t been perfectly executed and my game plan not exactly scientific but mentally I had been on it and that was half the battle. Throughout the hills, the mud, the torrential rain, the sunshine, the dark night, the damp dawn all I kept thinking was just to that sign, just to that tree, just one more step. Bite size goals that I could manage and that one step turned into 163,191 steps. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking and determination. ‘Motivation gets you started but attitude keeps you going’. Cheesy but true. No matter what your challenge just do it and do it for yourself. You can do it and you will do it and deep
down you know it!