‘Shall we do your skinfolds next week Hannah?’ When John utters these words I quite literally spiral into a panic, not because I’m worried about the results, I know I’m in good shape, but because I’ll have to get my ‘mum tum’ out! I’ve had sleepless nights and cried about the prospect of having them done and have even cried afterwards.

In my life BC (Before Children) I was hugely into pole fitness and I thought nothing of turning up to train in basically, my underwear. I was lean and toned, I had a small chest but a cleavage was there, honest! Now the thought of having to wear a bikini (I threw all mine out), swimming costume or cropped training tops, makes me shudder. I won’t wear tight t- shirts or overly loose ones for fear that someone may recoil if they catch a glimpse of my tummy or deflated chest. It is such a ridiculous, debilitating fear I’ve developed, on our summer holiday this year, it took me 2 days to muster up the courage to put on my cozzy and swim with my kids. It’s RIDICULOUS, I know this, but in my head it is very real and causes me huge anxiety. Thanks to the hard work and support of the Project Health team, I really am in good shape and feel fitter than ever, 2 bootcamps a week and a PT session with John each week will do that to you! But I’m struggling to accept myself and my body.

So, the Project Health plan to help me overcome this fear and embrace my body – Bio sigs, monthly, until they stop giving me sleepless nights and making me weep in the lead up! I’m not going to lie, the anxiety levels are high at the prospect, but I’m going to do it and I’m going to whoop this fears ass! I’m determined and I couldn’t be in better hands to help me get through it. Maybe I’ll be donning a bikini next summer.

Watch this space.

Written by a Hannah McLean (PT & Bootcamp client)