Like on all things in life, there are pros and cons to working in an office.

For most of us office dwellers, we tend to eat with the people we work with, sharing a canteen or hopefully or bringing our own lunches from home. If your lunch time is anything like mine, there’s not a day goes by without at least a couple of conversations or comments around how amazing somebody else’s lunch looks or what ‘diet’ somebody has tried. As a nation of foodies we are already having these conversations and these are great opportunities to SHARE our good habits, experiences and latest recipes.

Peer respect
Unlike the relationships we have with our loved ones, our work relationships are based on shared goals and professional respect. This isn’t always a bad thing. When we are trying to stick to something such as a new exercise programme, the more objective approach and more business-like mindset may be just what is needed.

One of the things that is often lost when we try to re-invigorate our health is accountability. We take on a new endeavour only to find that the initial motivation that we had, has been lost amongst all our other commitments and were back to square one again. By finding a like- minded colleague and sharing your new goal, this might be just what’s needed to keep you on track. This might be someone you go for a run with before your day starts or it might be a small group you go for a 20 minute power walk with at lunch. Whatever you decide upon, having somebody else close- by to share your journey and stay accountable is a great way to increase your chance of success.

Whatever your goals are for the year ahead, the chances are, you aren’t taking full advantage of the resources and network of people you have around you.
Why not utilise lunch time to take it in turns to showcase a recipe you have made for your family or bring in some healthy snacks (pinterest is a great place to find these or our Instagram page).Try utilising the same professional mind set you have in work and apply it to your fitness endeavours.
Maybe do a Bootcamp before work with your peers or a power walk at lunch. Either way, sharing the experience with those around you maybe just what you need.

Let’s make our office environments the communal, nurturing environments they have the potential to be and whilst we’re at it, the healthiest too!