My name is John Wilkinson, I am a Performance Nutritionist in Professional Sport and Personal Trainer. Myself and Sam Witter setup Project Health in 2017 offering individuals and businesses the opportunity to access health and fitness services through a team of specialists.

During our combined 25 years experience working in the Health and Fitness industry we have learnt it can be challenging and confusing for both Personal Trainers and clients. Specifically PT’s starting their careers and clients using a gym for the first time as this can be an intimidating environment.

Our experiences of seeing new clients feel lost in the gym, and trainers struggle to build a client base whilst affording overpriced gym rent has driven us to create a solution to this issue. We have partnered with Salford Community Leisure (SCL) to give Personal Trainers the opportunity to build a successful and sustainable business, and offer a premium Personal Training product to SCL members and local communities.

There is one objective behind this partnership and that is to give Personal Trainers and individuals a pathway to achieve their goals in the gym.

If you would like more information on becoming a Personal Trainer with Project Health, or using our range of Health and Fitness services please get in touch.


John Wilkinson

Some of our clients

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