Why Fitness & Wellness is a business essential for Companies

Many employers are recognising the benefits to having a healthy workforce and this is a trend we can only see growing. Project Health’s mission is to partner and work closely with passionate, forward- thinking companies. Please see a selection of services we offer below; or if you would like a bespoke solution to increase the well-being of your workforce please get in touch and speak to our team of specialists.

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In the UK alone each year more than a million working people experience a work related illness that reduced their productivity within work and lead to absenteeism. In 2016/17 this equated to 257 million working days costing the economy an estimated £32 billion. That’s £522 per employee. According to NICE 1 in 3 of the working population suffer from a long term condition, physical and/or mental. This affects not only the individual but also the institution within which they work. The link between physical activity and work productivity as well as mental wellness and depression is well documented. Promoting physical activity within the workplace is not only good for the individuals’ health but is good for productivity and good for business. It reduces absenteeism, reduces depression, increases motivation, reduces stress levels and sickness levels: motivated, happier people are 12% more productive . Urban Mind project led by Dr Andrea Mechelli of Kings College London reinforced the link between being outdoors and mental wellbeing where results showed that going for a run outside can have positive affects that last for up to 7 hours! Businesses are recognising this and experiencing the benefits with companies such as Google and Hootsuite leading the way.

Fitness & Bootcamp

• Outdoor and Indoor sessions
• Range of activities from HITT to Core to Strength & Endurance
• 1 hour long sweat fests
• Team building exercises

Yoga & Pilates

• Focus on core strength
• Improving mental wellness
• Improving flexibility and relieving office stress through increased mobility
• Tips for improving posture and reducing pressure from sedentary office work

Physiotherapy & Soft tissue massage

• Fully qualified physiotherapists
• Rehabilitation and Sports therapy massages
• Injury prevention and management

Team Building

• Promotion of problem solving, motivation, achievement, goal attainment all within a team environment
• Team fitness competitions
• Team building games - intensive workouts disguised within rules of game playing

Workshops & Presentations

• Mix of interactive workshops and Talks bespoke to your company
• Nutrition Talks
• Cooking demonstrations and classes
• Wellbeing and Fitness including cognitive, performance, mental wellbeing
• Ergonomics

Executive package

• Small group Personal Training Sessions
• Blood Works and analysis
• Body composition analysis complete with report
• Personalised Nutritional packages and plans
• Team building retreats (available as ½ day, full day or multiple days)
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