A problem many of my clients face when trying to stick to the plans I set them is social
events, especially with the run up to Christmas.

Going out and socialising seems to be when most people deviate. Having the odd cheat meal is acceptable, but you need to know when to stop, don’t over indulge and pick your cheat nights sparingly. Here are some tips that will help you stay on track and not undo all your hard work:

1) Find 30 minutes every other day to exercise: gone are the days when long boring cardio sessions are essential. High intensity bursts of exercise are most effective for fat loss and even keep you burning fat all day. So drop the miles and speed up!
2) Know when to stop: everyone loves a treat every now and again, but don’t over indulge.

Having a few cheat meals is perfectly fine, cheating for 14 days straight is not!!!

The key to staying on track is to plan the days you will have a treat and be good in between. This will make a huge difference, keeping your metabolism high; your health in check and will mean that you enjoy your indulgence more.

3) Try something different: On Boxing Day each year I always go for a long walk in the
countryside. Try to plan social events that get the heart working, blood pumping and keep you active rather than another day sitting around eating and drinking. Whether this is a fun activity with the children or a relaxing walk with a friend.

4) Choose your treats carefully:
* Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate (70% or over)
* Swap white and rose wine for red wine (red wine is high in antioxidants)
* When having a drink try to drink water as well (for every couple of drinks, have a glass of water also)
* Try to choose good carbs over highly processed carbs for example swap normal chips for sweet potato chips.

Apply these tips and you won’t undo all your hard work during the week with a blow out
every weekend.

Consistency is key to success and getting your head around controlling your social events will help you achieve your goals a lot quicker