I have trained for years and thought I was eating well but never got the results I desired. This is when I stared with Sam, within a matter of weeks I started to see a change in my body. Just by changing a few simple things in my diet and a structured exercise plan I saw a huge difference.

I would recommend training with Sam to anyone; it opened my eyes as I thought I was doing everything right.

You won’t be disappointed.

Brad Franks
Nutrition and fitness client

John and Sam are both knowledgeable and personable trainers, our sessions are always hard work but with an element of fun.

Enjoyment is so important to keeping the team going, John’s motivation and Sam’s enthusiasm are a real driving force to making the session a huge success with the Cheetham Bell team.

No shouting, no humiliation and no embarrassment even though we’re exercising with an audience of office workers, on First Street!

I would recommend Project Health wholeheartedly.

The Cheetham team training

Samantha Armstrong

I had already been trying to eat healthily and was having training sessions at the gym. Progress however was slow. I was hungry and wasn’t really eating enough. John talked through what I was eating and turned everything I thought about nutrition on its head. He gave me advice on what I should be eating and when, I decided at that point to sign up with John. John made it clear that as much as he could help me with my nutrition it was important that I continued with the exercise and it was up to me to take his advice on board!!

There isn’t a magic wand!

I have to say 2 months later the weight is dropping off my fitness is getting better and better. The plan he developed for me is easy to follow and I am really enjoying it. I can honestly say I have never been hungry.

If your serious about getting fit and losing fat I definitely recommend John.

Julie Chippindale
Nutrition and fitness client

Since training with John on a weekly basis, as well as taking part in the boot camps I’ve really noticed a difference in my strength, stamina and physique. John, Sam and Ian are a great team, whilst the training is tough, they create a good atmosphere and make you laugh but most importantly, they listen to your needs and do their upmost to help you achieve the results you want. Post 2 babies, I didn’t think I’d be able to get back into my pre baby shape but I’m well on my way… thanks guys!

If you want results, these are your guys.

Hannah McLean
Boot camp member

Huge thank you for all your help and for being the official wedding trainer. I am literally in the best shape I’ve ever been in and couldn’t have done it without you !

Who thought little me would be deadlifting 60kg !

Thanks for pushing me when I said I couldn’t do it, I look forward to many more sessions.

Mandy Lane
Worsley boot camp member

So many of us at AutoTrader consider our health and well being as important as living and breathing our values. Sam and the team have allowed many of us to maximise this by starting the day with an energy driven kick! The team are tremendously energetic and motivational which is just what you need, especially at 630am! Week on week the numbers continue to grow as does the banter and comradery! Thanks guys.

Let’s keep it going!

Kevin Harding
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